GRAD CareerFestival


The Preeminent Conference for Career Minded Graduates!

Plan > Prepare > Play

The Grad CareerFestival will convene dozens of the nation’s top career authors, career coaches, and employment industry experts for the must-attend event for recent college graduates.

It’s quite frankly the largest collection of post-graduation career support ever organized for college graduates.   This group of industry professionals is committed to not only give graduates the knowledge and skills they need to land jobs faster but also to help them understand how to build and execute a career plan so they can reach the personal and career success they dream of. 

This year’s motto focuses on the 3 P’s!

  • Plan          – Graduates will learn how critically important it will be to create a career plan
  • Prepare   – Authors and coaches will help them understand how to prepare to execute their plan.
  • Play          – So they can lead a successful career with plenty of time to play!

Together, this group of industry thought leaders who are passionate about solving post-graduation issues graduates face, will share proven strategies, identify time-saving tricks, and give college graduates the formulas and confidence they will need to launch and lead successful careers!

The first year out of college is critical for college students.  

Participants in the Grad CareerFestival will take away the knowledge and skills they will need in the 11-14 job searches they are expected to go through by the time they are 38 years old. (Department of Labor Statistics)

The Grad CareerFestival is a 3-day event scheduled for July 27th – 29th (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and runs from   11 am – 10 pm EDT each day.  Graduates can participate in live presentations by 27 of the nation’s top career authors and a dozen career coaches and hiring authorities. 

Learn more about the goals of the Grad CareerFestival by clicking here!

TalentMarks is the producer of the Grad CareerFestival.  

TalentMarks is a leading provider or anytime, anywhere, and any place career curriculum and professional development programming to career centers and alumni associations nationwide. Over 1,000 career centers and 150 alumni association have participated in TalentMarks online career events.

TalentMarks started producing summer career events for students and graduates in 2012 because research showed graduates were not prepared for their first professional job search.  

Fast forward to 2017 and little has changed! 

Unfortunately, graduates do not invest time while in college to develop a career plan, nor acquire the knowledge and skills they need for their first professional job search!  Research proves that!

  • Adecco found that 81 percent of graduates wished they had done more to prepare for their first professional job search while in college Ade
  • The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey has shown that nearly 62 percent of graduating seniors either NEVER visited the career center or only visited once or twice 
  • The Career Advisory Board’s survey of nearly 600 career center directors showed that 77.4 percent did not believe their students understood what it takes to get a job 

Employers still do no believe graduates are prepared to step into positions without further training!

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education survey found that 31 percent of the hiring managers that were surveyed gave colleges a “fair to poor” rating in preparing students for the workforce
  • A WSG survey found that 60 percent of employers say college applicants lack “communication and interpersonal skills” 
  • An Addeco survey found that 44 percent of employers cited soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration as the areas where college students were least prepared
  • Research by Beyond found that 73 percent of employers did not feel colleges and universities are preparing students for the workforce 
  • A survey by Chegg found that only 39 percent of employers said students were completely or very prepared for the workforce. 

The good news is that NACE research has shown students who invest time in learning career management, career planning, and job search skills will have a greater chance of landing jobs quicker, that are more relevant to their degree, and at higher salaries!

Help us, help the Class of 2017– not only land a job quicker –but also launch and lead successful careers!

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