Title:Hopeful to Hired
Focus:Job Search
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Adam Dince

Learn tips and strategies to score a job right out of college with less effort!

Webinar Overview

Hopeful to Hired: How to Score the Job You Want Straight Out of College

In today’s job market, only a quarter of college graduates have jobs that are related to their major. Add to that massive amounts of student debt and economic uncertainty, and graduation can feel more like a time of panic than of hope. In the face of this adversity, how can students prepare themselves for career success while still in college?

The secret lies in using college years as an opportunity to build professional networks, improve soft-skills, and create an effective online personal brand, so that students can hit the ground running after graduation.

In his book Hopeful to Hired, Adam Dince covers key focus areas that undergraduate and graduate students need to know now so that they are ready to find their dream job when they begin entering the workforce.

In this interactive talk, based on the book Hopeful to Hired, attendees will learn:

    – Why college students need to change their mindset from hopeful to hired
    – Tips about how to develop and optimize professional soft skills while in college
    – How to start building an effective professional network while in college
    – Tips on building a meaningful professional online presence/personal brand while in college

The three strategies Adam will share with you include:

1) How to mature your soft-skills while still in college.

2) How to network with a purpose while in college.

3)How to become more findable when hiring managers are searching for information about you.

Presentation and Q&A




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Presenter: Adam Dince

Adam Dince is an author and digital marketing professional with over 16 years experience, located in the Twin Cities. In addition, he is a college instructor and guest lecturer at various universities. For the past five years, Adam has been a featured speaker at AdFed’s annual Student Ad Summit (SAS) and a variety of other collegiate and industry events. Each year, Adam mentors high school and college students in his community as a way to give back to others.

Adam received his BS in Business Information Systems from San Diego State University and an MBA in Integrated Marketing Communication from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Additionally, Adam co-wrote the organic search section of the book “Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success”, by Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer. And Adam’s book, “Hopeful to Hired” was published and released November 2016.

Adam is a sought after speaker about all things digital marketing and career preparation + growth. Last but not least, Adam is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy.