Title:                    Navigating the Waterfall
Focus:                Career Management
Series:                Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:      Larry Stybel
Date:                    July 27, 2017
Time:                  12pm – 1pm

Search for your next job using techniques that will help you find unlisted jobs!

Webinar Overview

Your Guide to Job Search and Career Management

Do you have a career plan? Have you invested any time in managing your career? Your career will be the most important investment you will ever make! The better you plan and organize it, the greater chance you will end up where you want to be. Larry will provide proven steps on how you can navigate the most important career move you’ll ever make!

Presenter: William Holland

Bill is an award-winning college professor, business executive, and author of four books on career management. He’s worked with outstanding companies such as PepsiCo, Chase Manhattan Bank, Andersen Consulting, Right Management and the University of Pennsylvania.

Bill understands the path from college to career and has worked with thousands of students and parents to help them realize the promise of a college education. He attended Michigan State University on a football scholarship and received his PhD from there as well.