GRAD CareerFestival

for Alumni Associations!

Engage Young Alumni!  Show Them You Support Their Career!

Research shows alumni expect their alma mater to help them in the transitions in their career  

A study by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development found that 58 percent of graduates surveyed did not think their alma mater prepared them for their first professional job search.

How does that affect your alumni association?

It means that nearly 60 percent of your Class of 2017 will leave campus with mixed feelings about their college experience. You’ve heard the term – buyer’s remorse.  Buyer’s remorse results in a sense of regret after making a purchase!  Buyer’s remorse among the majority of your graduates will have serious consequences when you attempt to engage them in events, activities, and fundraising campaigns.

You can change this!

The Grad CareerFestival is designed to give your graduates the information, skills, and tools they will need to not only land a job, but acquire the position they want – sooner!  Research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers suggests that it will take the average grad nearly eight months to find a job. You could put tens of thousands of dollars into your graduates’ pockets by helping them land a job sooner – than later!

If you are interested in learning how your graduates can participate in this 3-day event, featuring 27 career authors, a dozen career coaches, and access to 27 companies providing innovative career tools and services, contact us today!

Access to the Grad CareerFestival is currently discounted 50% to only $33.   However, when you become a Grad CareerFestival partner– ALL –of your grads will get FREE access to the 3-day online event.


Participation is limited!  ACT TODAY!

For immediate details on how to become a Grad CareerFestival partner contact:

Jeff Wallace    *   *   800-849-1762 x 204

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