GRAD CareerFestival

for Career Centers!

Help Your Graduates Get Jobs FASTER!

The faster your graduates land jobs, the better your First-Destination Survey data will look

If you are like most career center professionals, you are investing more time collecting post-graduation employment results for your First-Destination Survey.

You know better than most, that the majority of your graduates have not spent enough time learning even the basic job search skills they will need in their first professional job search.  As a result, it will take them longer to land a job and more than likely land jobs that are not relevant to their degrees!

That doesn’t help improve the results you collect for your First-Destination Survey.

The Grad CareerFestival offers you a scalable way to help your graduates gain the knowledge and skills they will need to not only land jobs quicker, but also jobs that are more relevant to their degrees.

Your graduates are invited to participate in a 3-day CareerFestival featuring 27 career authors and over a dozen career coaches who will provide up to the minute career advice, tips, and strategies. Students can participate in a track focused on job search techniques, another on career management, and yet another on post-graduation life.

It’s the most comprehensive collection of career advice ever assembled for college graduates!

Take a quick tour around the Grad CareerFestival website to learn about the 27 career authors and the 33 hours of career advice your graduates will receive – just when they need it the most!

Access to the Grad CareerFestival is currently discounted 50% to only $33.   However, when you become a Grad CareerFestival partner– ALL –of your grads will get FREE access to the 3-day online event.  

Participation is limited!  ACT TODAY!

For immediate details on how to become a Grad CareerFestival partner contact:

Jeff Wallace    *   *   800-849-1762 x 204

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