Title:How to Become a Job Magnet: Attracting the Opportunities You Want
Focus:Career Coach
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Carissa Gay

Spend the time today to gain an understanding on where you want to go tomorrow!

Webinar Overview

How to Become a Job Magnet: Attracting the Opportunities You Want

Now that your degree is in hand, it’s time to find a job. Yet every posting seems to require 2-3 years of experience. The more you read job descriptions, you start wondering if you even have what it takes to land one. What if you knew how to be the kind of person that actually attracts job opportunities? In this session, you’ll learn how to identify your personal brand and be able to clearly communicate the value you bring. Learn practical ways to invest in your career savings account. Investing now in your career will pay off in your first job and the for all the opportunities ahead.

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Presenter: Carissa Gay

Carissa Gay is passionate about helping professionals be courageous leaders of their career and life. As a Certified Career Management Coach, she has worked with hundreds of college students and young professionals, helping them pinpoint their strengths and design a career path where they can be at their best.  This is quite personal for Carissa, because for many years she doubted her own professional abilities. Everyone else seemed far more gifted. It was only when she discovered her unique strengths that she began courageously pursuing greater career opportunities. Carissa believes that every individual has their own powerful leadership brand. Discovering and growing these strengths is the path to the greatest fulfillment and impact.