GRAD CareerFestival

for Coaches!

Show Graduates the Importance of Working With Career Coaches!

Graduates don’t know the value of having a career coach to keep them focused on what they need to do to reach their goals

Research is suggesting that college graduates are academically prepared, but not marketplace ready.  

Why is that:

  • Research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that nearly 62 percent of graduating seniors have either never visited the career center or visited only once or twice.
  • Studies by the Career Advisory Board of nearly 600 career center directors show 56 percent felt students did not have their resumes ready to show employers
  • A survey by the Higher Education Research Institute shows that 88 percent of freshman indicate they are going to college to improve their employability – HERI

It’s no wonder why the majority of college grads lack the skills they will need in their first professional job search!

We need your help!

You are invited to participate in a series of upcoming events that will help graduates acquire the knowledge they will need to launch and lead successful careers.

  • You could be a featured host of one of our upcoming CareerFestival presentations. College grads are poorly prepared for their first professional job search and colleges are doing LITTLE post-graduation to support them. We are hosting a 3 day CareerFestival July 27th – 29th that will feature 27 career authors who will help students transition from campus to the corporate world, and provide job search and life skills. We would like to match career coaches with the authors. Authors are encouraged to provide an 18-22 minute presentation, leaving time for an interactive discussion and questions from the audience.
  • You could be a featured career coach in Google Hangouts with graduates. In another attempt to give graduates a nudge in the right direction, we are holding a series of Google Hangouts with graduates attending the CareerFestival. In these sessions, you would have an opportunity to share advice on specific topic areas that are dear to you and then field questions from students.

You can participate to the degree you have time. Participate in one event or additional as your schedule permits.

It’s easy and fun!  Don’t wait!

For immediate details contact:

 Ari Radulian *


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