Title:The New Meaning of Rich
Focus:Post Graduation Life
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Evan Tarver

Your real challenges and opportunites are ahead of you.  Learn how to recognize and embrace them!

Webinar Overview

The New Meaning of Rich: Three Steps to a Job You Love

Congratulations. You’ve proven you can handle adversity, demands on your time, and reach personal goals. Now you are about to step into a career path that will test you with far greater diversity and intensity than you’ve ever imagined. Evan will help you define your own “success” to prevent you from spending 20 years on the wrong career path.

The three strategies Evan will share with you include:

1) Define your outcomes and goals.

2) Create a system of unique skills.

3) Find a job that’s good, lucrative, and enjoyable.

Presenter: Evan Tarver

Evan is a copywriter, fiction author, and business owner with experience in finance and technology.

He contributes nonfiction articles to various business publications, writes a weekly blog on self-improvement, has a published personal finance book, and openly admits that he’s a “business nerd.”

However, he’s also a regular nerd who pens full-length fiction novels and screenplays that span from the historical past to the dystopian future.

Each piece of writing, whether it be a one-page finance article or a 400-page fiction story, is meant to provide readers with lasting enjoyment and actionable takeaways that better their lives and encourage them to act.

Because ultimately, the key to true happiness is self-improvement through positive experiences, and all of Evan’s works seek to accelerate that self-improvement and spread those positive experiences.

Some of his ideas explore the social environment on the macro level, some of his ideas explore the transformative power of personal growth on the micro level – while most of them probably fall somewhere in-between. But everything is written to inspire people to shift the way they think; it may not be a big shift, but it will always be a positive one.