Title:5 Post-Grad Relationship Myths Busted
Focus:Life/Dating Coach
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Evin Rose Lipman

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Webinar Overview

  5 Post-Grad Relationship Myths Busted

Romantic relationships are confusing enough during your college years, so imagine the potential mayhem once you add in “real world” pressures and expectations! The truth is, no matter what your relationship status is at the moment, your approach to dating should change as you move into post-grad life. Evin Rose will break down five major relationship myths to help you avoid common- but costly- dating mistakes, and share guidance to set you up for a healthy and fulfilling love life!

Evin Rose Lipman

    As a certified life coach, Evin guides and empowers her clients to create fulfilling, joyous lives. She particularly loves supporting young women through the often overwhelming first few years in the “real world” post-college, and specializes in areas including self love/self care and interpersonal relationships.

    Evin’s work is rooted in positive psychology, and combines traditional talk counseling techniques with holistic methods such as EFT Tapping and guided visualization. Evin is based in Los Angeles, and works with clients all over the world via video sessions.

    Evin’s passion project is her *secret* facebook group for 20s-30s single women, and she would love to include you in this fun & open-hearted community! Contact her for your invite!

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