GRAD CareerFestival

for Students & Grads!

This is A First of a Kind Event for College Graduates, So We Assume You Have a few Questions!

Who is this event for?

It’s primarily for grads from the Class of 2017, but students are welcome too!

How much does it cost to participate?

The cost to participate in the 33 hours of LIVE presentations by the 27 authors and 12 career coaches is discounted 50% to only $33.  HOWEVER, if you have a promotional code from a participating sponsor you can get an even larger discount.

Can’t make it to all of the events?

Then take advantage of our super discount and order the VIP Recording Access pass when you purchase your ticket to the 3-day event.. The VIP Recording Access pass will give you access to all 33 hours of recorded career discussions that you can refer to prior to interviews, networking events, and to tune up your resume over the next 6 months. When you order it prior to the career festival and you will receive it for ½ off, or only $44.95. (normally $89.90) Plus, you will gain access to unique insider tools, discussions, and career information.

Who are the speakers?

We’ve lined up some of the nation’s top career authors, career coaches, hiring authorities,
and providers of unique job search tools.

How do I participate?

Click here to register for the amazing three-day event?

When is the CareerFestival held?

Save July 27th, 28th, and 29th, (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)  from 11 am to 10 pm EDT

Do I have to participate in all events?

No!  Join any online lecture that interests you!

Why should I participate?

How much time have you invested in building your career plan, learning how to manage your career, learning job search techniques, and the soft skills employers expect you to have?   If you are like most grads, you’ve focused on your academic requirements in order to graduate on time.  You have not invested much time in building your career plan, job search skills, or learning how to manage your career.  You have to compete with 2,000,000 fellow graduates who are looking for jobs in an economy that produces on average 150,000 per month.  You need the tips, strategies, and skills the 27 career authors will share with you!

If I miss a lecture, will it be recorded?

Yes. You can purchase the VIP Recording Access pass, for a discounted price of $44.95 (normally $89.90) that will give you access anytime and anywhere for 6 months. Plus, you will gain access to unique insider tools, discussions, and career information.

Who organized the Grad CareerFestival?

TalentMarks.  TalentMarks is a leading provider of career curriculum and professional development programming to career centers and alumni associations around the country.


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