Title:From Student to Professional
Focus:Post Graduation Life
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Gino Perrotte

Spend the time today to gain an understanding on where you want to go tomorrow!

Webinar Overview

From Student to Professional: An Essential Communication Soft Skills Guide for Aspiring STEM Professionals

Would you benefit from improving your communication skills? Would you like to be better at public speaking? The Stanford Shyness Clinic reports that 60 percent of us are shy! Culture and Communication expert Gino Perrotte will share career-advancing insights that will help you manage shyness and build communication confidence.
Presenter: Gino Perrotte

Gino Perrotte is an award winning university instructor, speaker, coach, facilitator, and author. His communication-focused book “From Student to Professional: An Essential Communication Soft Skills Guide for Aspiring STEM Professionals” is designed to help you improve your ability to communicate through study and continued practice. Gino holds a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Grove City College. He has participated in design-focused continuing education classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Mr. Perrotte has also studied Italian language, culture, and cuisine.

The three strategies Gino will share with you include:

1) Employers are looking to hire people with effective soft skills.

2) Strong communicators put people first.

3) The majority of how we communicate is done nonverbally.

Presenter: Gino Perrotte

Gino Perrotte is an instructor, author, coach, facilitator, and speaker. His professional career is dedicated to communication coaching, consulting, training, and development that grows creative potential, increases perspective-taking abilities, and enhances human connections through improved soft skills. His clients and students work in a variety of industries.

Currently, Gino is a highly rated Human Communication university instructor and the 2015 “Teacher of the Year” for the Florida Communication Association. He facilitates multiple courses including Public Speaking and Technical Presentation, Communication and Family, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Attitudes and Persuasion, and Nonverbal Communication. Gino’s research is focused on diversity-related studies and identity expression. He is a contributing textbook author for culture, diversity, and professional dress.