Title:The Perfect Interview
Focus:Job Search
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Joseph Nathaniel Lewis III

LinkedIn will provide you an entry way into new jobs and career opportunities while you sleep!

Webinar Overview

Simple Art of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most effective job search tool available to recruiters today. What do you think hiring managers see when they look at yours? Join Joseph to learn how you can make your LinkedIn profile work for you and not against you! You will be able to immediately clean up and make your LinkedIn profile one employers will not only find, but stop and read.

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Presenter: Joseph Nathaniel Lewis III

Joseph Nathaniel Lewis III, Certified Mediation Specialist, IT Professional, Teacher, Motivational Speaker & Mentor whose career spans several decades. As an IT professional, he has over 30 years of interviewing & hiring experience. He has worked for some of Wall St.’s premier financial institutions such as Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs, Chase, Bank of New York, Thomson Financial, Thomson Reuters, Duetsche Bank, ADP, Instinet, Guardian Life Insurance, and John Wiley Publishing & Media. Maintaining management positions at these firms has provided Mr. Lewis with extensive interviewing, hiring & resourcing experience which he shares in this book