Title:Gratitude at Work!: 7 Steps to Make Your Job Work for You!
Focus:Post Graduation Life
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Kandis Webb

Your current job is the key to the next job.  Learn how to leverage even bad jobs to dream jobs!

Webinar Overview

Gratitude at Work!: 7 Steps to Make Your Job Work for You!

Are you a “glass half full or a glass half empty” person. You’ve heard the phrase, “You have to deal with the hand that is dealt to you!” Kandis is a “glass half full” person. She’ll share with you effortless strategies you can adopt that will help you handle any task, or responsibility in a fashion that leads to faster advancement. The faster you handle the little things, the faster you will be given more challenging assignments.

The three strategies Kandis will share with you include:

1) Know thyself.  

2) Be of value.   

3) Build genuine relationships.

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Presenter: Kandis Webb

Kandis Webb, Founder & Chief Gratitude Officer of Talent Gratitude, empowers employees with the mental and emotional tools necessary to be purposeful, productive, and passionate at work, in life, and with their dreams. 

During her 15 year corporate journey, she climbed from data entry, to customer service, to sales.  She earned top awards, international trips, and brought home a lot of bacon.  Successful by society’s standards she still battled with feeling like there had to be more. 

Often the “counselor” among her family, friends, & co-workers, she was bothered by the anger, sadness, and depression that she and so many of her loved ones were experiencing from their jobs. After a rough time with a not so good boss & experiencing (for the first time) the sadness and depression she had helped so many others through, she set out to be the change she wanted to see in the world.  She started with publishing her first book, “Gratitude at Work! 7 Steps to Make Your Job Work for You!” and then became a Certified Professional Coach.

Kandis, military brat, graduate of Clayton State University, tree lover, Colorado native, coffee addict, avid fan of all things that promote personal growth and happiness, and stranger to none, resides in the Atlanta metro area with her toddler boss.

Having gone through the many pains life sometimes brings, she prides herself in finally being courageous and vulnerable enough to share her truths so that others can see that it’s safe to share theirs.  She’s passionate about pushing people into their greatness both personally and professionally.