Title:Your Strategic Brand: The Truth and the Lies!
Focus:Career Coach
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Katherine Miracle

Make your personal brand represent the best and you’ll end up with your dream job!

Webinar Overview

Your Strategic Brand: The Truth and the Lies!

College prepared you academically but has it really helped you get to know yourself? Have you had enough guidance, coaching, and time to reflect on who you really are so you can leverage the education you have gotten to become who you really NEED to be? Katherine will give you fundamental insights that you can use to shine a light on the YOU – you want to be. She will help you peel back feelings, attitudes, and others expectations so you can more clearly evaluate the direction you want to take and the part you want to lead in your life.

The three strategies Katherine will share with you include:

1) Get to the core of the real problem.

2) Respect Yourself.

3) Stand up for your friends by using your gift.

Presentation and Q&A




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Presenter: Katherine Miracle

Katherine Miracle, author, entrepreneur and college professor, works with students, clients and audience members who have skill and talent but often hold themselves back from success due to the shadows they carry. Based on a true story, Miracle’s personal narrative reflects upon a tragedy the happened while she attended college. “Discovering Your Dawn” unveils the mistakes Miracle made during an unparalleled tragedy and reflects upon her own suffering in an effort to help others prevent personal crisis. 

Katherine speaks on college campuses on “The truth about Leadership and Love, this motivational and inspirational seminar that Katherine describes as her “purpose,” tells of the loss of close friends, tumultuous relationships, and how such jarring tales impacted her educational experience. Miracle is the CBC Best Speaker winner of 2010.