Title:Navigating the Waterfall
Focus:Career Management
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Larry Stybel

It’s time to prepare for the rough waters that could disrupt your career plan!

Webinar Overview

Navigating the Waterfall: Your Guide to Job Search and Career Management

Do you have a career plan? Have you invested any time in managing your career? Your career will be the most important investment you will ever make! The better you plan and organize it, the greater chance you will end up where you want to be. Larry will provide proven steps on how you can navigate the most important career move you’ll ever make!

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Presenter: Larry Stybel

Larry Stybel is a licensed doctoral level (Harvard University) psychologist whose background includes assessment of executive potential, career management, and leadership coaching. Maryanne Peabody received her MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and has extensive experience in health care operations. Together they created Stybel Peabody Associates, Inc., an Arbora Global Company.

Based in Boston, Stybel Peabody provides corporate sponsored senior executive leadership development, career management, and retained search services.

Clients include 21% of the one hundred companies named by FORTUNE as “Best Employers in the United States,” two of the Big Four CPA firms, 60% of Boston’s largest twenty law firms, and 70% of Massachusetts’ largest twenty health care systems.

They also write monthly perspectives about leadership for PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. In January, 2017 there had been 214,000 downloads of their articles.