Title:Who Trusts You? 3 Networking Tips for Finding a Better Job Faster
Focus:Career Management
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Lynne Waymon

Who Trusts You? 3 Networking Tips for Finding a Better Job Faster

Webinar Overview

Who Trusts You?  3 Networking Tips for Finding a Better Job

 The goal of a successful job search is to become the natural and ONLY choice when opportunity arises.  So how can you attract opportunity and make sure you build the kind of trust at elicits the magic words, “You’re hired!”

The tools of networking will help you.  Networking is the process of connecting, conversing, and collaborating in ways that show your Character and Competence.  Why would anyone hire you until they see those two attributes?  Chances are many people with your skills have applied for the job.  Some have been interviewed.  So, it’s only your skill in showcasing your Character and Competence that will build the trust that gets you the job. 

There are some obvious “No-No’s” to avoid when networking.  Be sure you disappear your cell phone.  During networking events, at lunches with potential hirers or referrals sources, and in any face-to-face interactions, having your cell phone in sight is a turn off.  Another mistake is to ask for too much too soon.  Don’t give your resume out to everyone you meet.  First, get to know the person. Ask questions.  Show interest in their projects and needs.  Build the kind of trust that earns you the right to say, “Would it be appropriate for you to give my resume to your boss?”

Here are 3 tips that will attract opportunity and build trust:

1.    Join the professional association that serves the kind of job you’d like to have. That’s where the movers and shakers hang out.  Meet them!
2.    Answer the “What do you do?” question in ways that show your expertise and invite conversation.  Don’t start with “I’m looking for a job.”
3.    Be ready to respond to “How are you?” and “What’s new?” by having several topics or brief stories on the tip of your tongue that steer the conversation toward career and job interests and areas of expertise.     

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Presenters: Lynne Waymon

Lynne Waymon is the CEO of Contacts Count LLC, the co-author of 8 books on business & career networking, & co-founder of an international training firm that specializes in helping people put the tools of networking to work in the service of business and career goals.  Her trainers and coaches work with people from corporate, government, association & university groups. www.ContactsCount.com   301-589-8633 (near Philadelphia)