Title:It’s OK to be Confused, Worried, Afraid of What Comes Next!
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Rafael Boker

The transition you are entering will set the stage for where you go and how fast you get where you want to go!

Webinar Overview

It’s OK to be Confused, Worried, Afraid of What Comes Next!

You are about to go through one of the most dramatic career transitions you’ll ever make. This one is big because everything is new. Looking for a job, interviewing, networking, building your brand and find your way in the “adult” world is going to cause confusion, fear, and uncertainty. Raphael has worked with corporate executives who are no different than you. You will learn how to identify the emotional highs and lows you are bound to experience will at the same time kick in triggers that will keep you focused on where you want to go.

Presenter: Rafael Boker

I coach you to get to your real essence in your life, so you can achieve results from your place of integrity, and be fulfilled within your choices.

If – in a way – you feel you want to be trained to get from a place you are stuck, to a fulfilling result, I will have a session with you so that you can choose the path of continuous results.