Title:The Job Search Solution
Focus:Job Search
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Rick Gillis

Spend the time today to gain an understanding on where you want to go tomorrow!

Webinar Overview

PROMOTE! Your work does not speak for itself. You do!

At the core of this life-changing presentation is the lesson that you must be knowledgeable about how, and comfortable with, consistently and appropriately expressing your commercial wins. Rick will show you how to professionally promote yourself to those who matter most: Management.

Presentation and Q&A




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Presenter: Rick Gillis

Rick Gillis has spent a career in sales. First there was the family hardware store that Rick grew up in. After high school and a few years ‘knocking around,’ Rick served in the USAF after which he was on the road for several years mixing sound for touring bands. (Recording and music is still a “serious hobby.”) Rick then sold cars (“The best job I ever hated.”) while attending college at night. After graduating from Park University with a management degree Rick found himself in the commercial real estate management and leasing business for 10 very successful years. Next came the Internet and job boards, speaking, writing, publishing, radio hosting, TV hosting and being noted and quoted by just about all major media—pretty much in that order. Rick has spoken from coast to coast to coast (East, West and Gulf!) and that brings us to today.