Title:It’s Not About You
Focus:Job Search
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Rodger Banister

Learn how to put yourself in others shoes in order to rapidly advance your career!

Webinar Overview

It’s Not About You:  How to think like an employer and get the job you really want!

Don’t get caught up in thinking that employers want to know about you. What they really want to know is how you will help their company successfully reach their goals and better serve their customers. Rodger will share amazing strategies that will get employers wanting to know more about you, once you’ve shown them how you will help them. With this simple interviewing twist you will find it easier to land interviews and that will lead to job offers.

The three strategies Rodger will share with you are:

  1. The most powerful job seeking weapon that no one uses.
  2. Why employers value interest much more than experience.
  3. Your resume won’t get you the job you want, but it can lose it for you.

Presentation and Q&A




  1. Presenter’s Handout (Click to download)
  2. Transcript (Click to download)

Presenter: Rodger Banister

Rodger Banister is an award-winning writer and marketing executive with a specialization in B2C and B2B lead generation, go-to-market strategy, communications and customer success programs. Today, Rodger is responsible for all subscription revenue growth for a global software company in the commercial maritime industry. 

With over 25 years of experience vetting and hiring candidates in a variety of industries, Banister has interviewed 1,000+ candidates for positions and for informational purposes. Over that time, he’s seen it all, from the very good to the hilariously bad. After writing a book in 2016 about job seeking, Banister spends a portion of his time lecturing to college graduates on how to navigate the job seeking process successfully, and how to avoid the many mistakes that countless job seekers don’t even know they’re making.