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Does Your Company Have Innovative Career Tools?

Help more graduates get jobs faster! Show them how to use your product or service!

If your company has an innovative career planning or job search tool, we’d like to showcase it during the Grad CareerFestival. The Grad CareerFestival will be held July 27th – 29th from 11 am to 10 pm EDT.  We are featuring 27 career authors, 12 career coaches, and 27 companies like yours.

The Grad CareerFestival offers the largest collection of post-graduation career advice ever provided to college graduates!

Each of the 27 career authors will give an 18-22 minute presentation– similar to a TED Talk –and then take questions for another 18-22 minutes. Following their presentations, we’ve reserved 15 minutes to showcase online career and professional development products and services like yours.

Here is what we think the 15-minute session might look like:

We’d suggest that we make it a combination interview and demo of your product. Our host will introduce you and your product and ask you to explain why students or graduates would benefit from using it. We’ll then ask a series of questions we’ve received from students and grads, and then turn things over to you for a quick interview. To make things easier for everyone, we’ll record this presentation prior to the Grad CareerFestival and showcase it during your assigned time period.

There is no cost to be involved.

We only ask that you use the social media content that we’ll create for you and share it through your social media channels, as well as use traditional promotional strategies (issue one press release) to inform your current customer and prospective customers about the event.  With all of us sharing this amazing opportunity, we’ll increase the exposure for everyone.

If you are interested in further details, contact us immediately!  We have a limited number of time slots left.

For immediate details contact:

Don Philabaum *


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