Title:How to Make $100K Out of College
Focus:Post Graduation Life
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Wes Rowlands

Consider an option to work for yourself.  Think out of the box and create your own future!

Webinar Overview

How to Make $100K Out of College: Discover the 6 Simple Insider Secrets to Making 6 Figures a Year Doing What You Wove

While you are looking for a job, why not create your own job! Wes will show you real life examples of others who have walked in your shoes and stepped out of college to creat their own jobs and careers. You will get inspired and walk away thinking – “I can do that!’

Presenter: Wes Rowlands

Wes Rowlands is a recognized and successful author, businessman, speaker and entrepreneur. While earning his finance degree at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Wes held 10 internships with top financial institutions, including working on the floor of the stock exchange. This experience ultimately lead him to his dream career on Wall Street. 

After spending 11 years gaining industry experience, Wes decided to follow his passion and co-founded a company that helps families with college- and high school-age children plan for college and their careers. In addition to running the company as CEO, Wes spends a portion of his time speaking to schools and institutions on topics such as leadership, career development, and finance.

Delivering lectures to thousands of students, parents, teachers, and executives, Wes has presented across the country, focusing on his passion for teaching students how to avoid the two biggest problems facing their generation today — student loan debt and no job! Wes is on a mission to help one student at a time to take responsibility and graduate into a successful future